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GORE-TEX vs. Hot Weather: Do You Wear It?

GORE-TEX vs. Hot Weather: Do You Wear It? In the South, we're no strangers to hot weather, even into "Fall," right? This month alone we have broken TEN days of record high temperatures in the Chattanooga area. While we haven't received much rain lately, many people choose to wear GORE-TEX products entering the Fall hiking season. Some hikers and trail runners are adamant about GORE-TEX being too hot for hot weather... but what exactly is GORE-TEX and what does the science say?    WHAT IS GORE-TEX? GORE-TEX is a PTFE (for simplicity's sake: a type of fabric) waterproof, windproof, breathable material developed by the Gore family in 1958. Of course, it was developed where many great company's are... in the...

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Hiking Close to Home: for Beginners and Intermediates

The epicenter for outdoor activity in southeast Tennessee is only a short, twenty-minute drive from Lee University. Chilhowee Mountain begins at the base of Parksville Lake, fed by the Ocoee River. Chilhowee Mountain is home to seven-acre McCamy Lake and multiple hiking trails suitable for any type of hiker. Read about trails on Chilhowee Mountain for both beginners and intermediate hikers.

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