My Favorite Back-Packing Meals

Everybody has their go to foods when the hit the trail.  I have seen people pack in steaks and gourmet meals fit for kings, but I could never jump on that bandwagon.  I always want to travel as light as possible and prepare my meals as quick as possible.  While a hot meal is appreciated at the end of a long day in the back country it does not necessarily mean that it has to be complicated.  As well, granola bars and jerky get old fast.  Here's a couple quick and easy meal ideas that I have with me when I'm on the trail. 

1. Any "Good to Go Meal"

Besides the fact that we carry these meals in both of our stores, they honestly hit the spot after a day on the trail. They come in variety of flavors from Bibimbap to Three Bean Chili. They pack right in your pack and are super easy to make.  All you have to do is bring a pot of water to a boil.  Once you have that boiling just pour it in the bag of your Good to Go. Next just close up the bag, let it sit for the instructed time and then you dig in to a nice hot meal. 

2. Peanut Butter and Honey Tacos

This is a personal favorite.  I have been looked down upon for this weird meal, but I love it.  All you need are some tortillas, peanut butter, and some honey.  Just spread the peanut butter, and the honey, roll that bad boy up and enjoy.  I personally like heat mine over the fire for a short time to make it a hot meal. 

3. Taters

For all the non southerners, Taters is the slang for potatoes. That's your daily dose of culture.  All you need is a pack of instant mashed potatoes, a pot and some boiling water.  Pour the packet in a bowl, add boiling water to desired thickness and begin to stir until the water is absorbed.  Sit back and enjoy the starches!

These are just a couple ideas for your next over night trip in the woods.  Feel free to come by Ridge and check out our Good to Go meals and also please send us your questions on anything outdoors, we would love to help!